Tekton House Wrap

Tekton Building Wrap is a synthetic breather-type building wrap for use as a wall wrap and air barrier under direct  and non-direct  fixed wall cladding on timber and steel framed buildings. The product is a coated spun-bonded polypropylene, and is approximately 0.6mm thick. Tekton Building Wrap is supplied in rolls 2740mm x 37m and 1370mm x 37m.

Features & Benefits

  • Tekton Building wrap can be used in all wind zones up to and including very high.
  • Tekton Building wrap can be installed in extra high wind zones over a rigid wall underlay.
  • Tekton Building Wrap is fire retardant with a zero flammability index and can be used without restriction on all buildings, however must be separated from fireplaces, heating appliances, flues and chimneys in accordance with the NZ Building Code.
  • Tekton Building Wrap can be installed as an air barrier to walls that are not lined, such as gable ends.
  • Tekton Building Wrap has superior water hold out - keeping framing drier while permanent cladding is installed.
  • Tekton Building Wrap has 50 year durability.
  • Tekton Building Wrap can be left exposed for up 60 days.
  • Tekton Building Wrap has optimal surfactant resistance (will not loose integrity if exposed to soaps, detergents and cleaning chemicals).
  • Tekton Building Wrap is Branz appraised # 548 (2013)
  • Non-absorbent claddings must be installed over a drained cavity.

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