Protecto Sill System

The Protecto Wrap Protecto Sill System combines Protecto Wrap Detail Tape , Sill Tape and Tak Primer/Adhesive to form a flexible flashing around openings in timber and steel framed buildings.
The Tak Primer /Adhesive is applied to provide superior adhesion for the tapes. The Detail Tape is moulded into the corners  of the framing opening. The Sill tape is then applied and folded out onto to the face of the opening. Head Flashing tape is used at the joinery heads to seal the flashing onto the building wrap.

Features & Benefits

  • A true flexible flashing system as specified by WANZWIS, E2/AS1 and the New Zealand Building Code.
  • BRANZ Appraised as a flexible flashing system for use around openings in timber and steel framed buildings.
  • Zero waste as tapes can be joined by overlapping 100mm.
  • A versatile and flexible system that can be used on bevelled sills ,variable jamb angles and to seal around penetrations in building wrap.
  • Can be used on all accepted building wraps including bituminous paper.
  • Specified for use with RAB systems. Install to RAB manufacturers specifications.
  • Available in 150mm and 200mm wide rolls.

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